Faculty of Law

Dean's Message

Dear students of Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Law,

Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Law, which was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 12.07.2010 and numbered 2010/723, was authorized to start instruction on May 2012. Our faculty has been educating since 2012-2013 academic year.

Our faculty, included in Izmir University of Economics that experienced in national and international area, is the first foundation university in Izmir and Aegean Region, does not aim only to give a certificate but also aims to bring students who can speak English very well in their professional life and have comprehensive knowledge of international law terminology. Our students who are different than bachelors of other law faculties because of being well-supported persons in international commercial law area, find opportunity to work as a consultant in international firms under favour of professional English knowledge. Our students may have the knowledge to understand and discuss legal texts and decisions of courts in English, to prepare international commercial contracts, to comment international legal texts and acquis within this scope and to be assigned in international organizations and arbitral courts.

We wish you will succeed in your professional life as questioner and researcher lawyers in continuous self-development who aim for the sky with the purpose of reaching world standards.