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Faculty of Law curriculum includes applied courses that will successfully prepare the student for his/her future professional life. Analyzing court practices and application-oriented informations and examples have an important place in courses. Through the course of Law Internship at the beginning of the fourth year, the students will gain knowledge and experience about process. The internship during their education will enable the students to gain professional experience and choose their future professions more wisely before their mandatory professional internships such as attorneyship, magistracy, notaryship internships. 

Different from other faculties of law, Commercial Law courses at Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law begin at second year, and continue at third and fourth years. Also, most of the elective courses consist of courses that are heavily based on Commercial Law courses such as International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS), Capital Market Law, Competition Law, Law of Banking, Foreign Trade Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

The academic activities such as conferences, symposiums, seminars organized/to be organized by Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law at Izmir Chamber of Commerce or at other chambers of commerce, organized industrial zones and at the University heavily focus on Commercial Law.

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law also harbours a library that offers numerous national and international books, journals, periodicals, and internet access on Commercial Law. 

The medium of instruction in Faculty of Law is % 30 English. Therefore, our students have to attend the English Preparatory School. Required and elective courses given in English for four years will allow you to have good command of foreign language necessary to follow the cases of foreigners.

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law has offered 16 students full-tuition scholarship, 9 students half-tuition scholarship and 14 students quarter-tuition scholarship in 2019. You may refer to “UNDERGRADUATE AND ASSOCIATE PROGRAMS SCHOLARSHIP AND DISCOUNT REGULATION” for other scholarships and opportunities offered by the University. https://oim.ieu.edu.tr/en/lisans-ve-onlisans-burslari

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law graduates, upon completing the mandatory internship, can work as attorney, judge, attorney general, notary, and also seek public service assignments such as governor, provincial district governor. They can work as experts, assistant experts, inspectors at ministries or various institutions as Capital Markets Board Council of Bank Audit and Regulation. They can open their own practice, work as an attorney at public institutions or work at a partnership. They can become a representative for an international legal firm in Turkey. They can provide legal and counselling services to domestic and foreign trade firms in country or abroad. They can work as negotiators or arbitrators.

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Law is located at Balçova Campus of the University. Students are able to meet their needs on campus. In addition to this, the campus having a very central location provides an easy and quick access to many locations. Even though the campus is in downtown city, it is located at a serene place surrounded with natural beauties. 

Education at the Faculty of Law will be instructed in %30 English by a programme exists of Turkish and English courses. Considering the importance of international relations, a year of mandatory English preparatory education and later on various required and elective courses in English for eight semesters, will allow the students to learn and improve their English for Law, and use the language in their professional lives.

The medium of instruction at the Izmir University of Economics (IUE) is English. All newly admitted students (graduate, undergraduate, vocational school, transfer, and special students) have to verify that their English proficiency levels are adequate to follow the mainstream courses offered in our University. Students can take the English Proficiency Exam prepared and administered by the School of Foreign Languages, IUE, or alternatively may submit the results of the following national or international examinations which are accepted by IUE. Transfer students who have successfully completed English preparatory programs or been exempted from such programs should submit their documents to IUE to be evaluated and approved by the Directorate of SFL. Students who fail to meet the English language requirement at IUE have to attend the English Preparatory Program. Acceptable foreign language exams and scores are given in the table: http://sfl.ieu.edu.tr/ingilizce_hazirlik_programi/en/yabanci-dil-yeterligi

The dormitory located on campus offers accommodation for students and meets their needs during their accommodation. 

It is possible to have double major at other faculties or departments in accordance with the articles of Double Major Program Regulation of IUE. https://www.ieu.edu.tr/en/bylaws/type/read/id/21

Faculty of Law students can benefit from student exchange programs such as ERASMUS. Detailed information is given by Office of International Affairs. https://oia.ieu.edu.tr/en

The students are allowed to talk to or ask opinion of the academic staff at office hours announced by the academic staff. Each student will have an advisor who will guide them on subjects such as course selections, internships, exchange programs, and graduate studies, etc.

An individual, who receives training on law, gets a good command of basic rights and freedoms foremost, and becomes a conscious citizen. An individual, who receives training on law, has an extensive field to work at. 

You can apply to make a transfer within the university or from other universities based on the quota determined by the University. Detailed information is given by Student Affairs Directorate. https://oim.ieu.edu.tr/en



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